Take care at traffic lights on Friday morning


Wednesday 11 October, 2017​

Motorists in Ashburton are being urged to take care passing through the Havelock Street intersections on East and West Streets on Friday morning (13 October), when a planned power outage may briefly stop the traffic lights from working.

Power to the lights will be temporarily shut off from 7.00am on Friday morning so that EA Networks can carry out maintenance work on their network.

Generators are expected to keep the traffic lights operational throughout the one hour shutdown, however Council Roading Manager Brian Fauth says if the lights do stop working, motorists should drive with caution and obey normal traffic rules.

“When traffic lights are not operating, the give way rule applies. I’d encourage drivers to approach these intersections with care, and if the lights are out, be prepared to stop and wait until it is safe to pass. Pedestrians should also be aware of the traffic around them before crossing.”

The Havelock/West Street and Havelock/East Street traffic lights are expected to be operating normally by 8.00am on Friday morning.

Page reviewed: 11 Oct 2017 2:59pm