Survey results show support for hydroslide


The results of a hydroslide survey carried out by Council last month indicate there is support in the community for a hydroslide feature at the EA Networks Centre.

More than 1500 surveys were completed with 74% supporting the inclusion of a hydroslide at the district's new aquatic centre.

Council is now collating and analysing the data with a report being put to Council in the New Year.

"We are really pleased with the number of responses received and would like to thank everyone who read the information and took part in this initial stage of consultation," says Group Manager Service Delivery Neil McCann.

The results from the survey, along with other hydroslide information, will help shape what option Council puts forward in the Long Term Plan consultation document available to the community in early 2015.

Council will be encouraging people to take part in the full consultation process through the Long Term Plan. "This is when you can make a detailed submission about a hydroslide feature and provide Council with your thoughts and comments," Mr McCann says.

The hydroslide survey went out to Ashburton District residents inside The Courier newspaper on October 30th. The survey could also be completed online via Council's website.

Of the 1580 surveys returned, 774 people chose the online option while 806 people preferred to return theirs by post or dropping it off at Council offices and the library.


Page reviewed: 03 Dec 2014 3:29pm