Students Praised for Road Safety Initiatives


It was 'death day' at Ashburton College today as part of the driving safe awareness campaign run by Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD)

The event was held as part of the nationwide SADD Remember September campaign.

Members of the SADD Committee at Ashburton College were 'dead' for the day, where they wore black and painted their faces, and were silent for the day to represent the victims of road crashes.  Their presence was a silent reminder to their peers of the high risk and tragic consequences of dangerous driving.

Ashburton District Council Project Officer Aileen Campbell says "It is great to see these students promoting safe driving to their peers."

Miss Campbell says young drivers are at a higher risk of road crashes than any other age group.

"This crash risk is three times higher in their first six months of driving solo on a restricted license,

"Even though they have passed the test, they are still learning.  Parents can help by driving with their teen in as many different conditions as possible, and staying involved at a restricted level,"

This age group also often have passengers of a similar age who are injured also, and so the total cost of ongoing rehabilitation is high for this demographic.

"SADD do very important and effective work as peer educators across New Zealand," she said.

"Their key messages are positive and the organisation empowers young people to work to change attitudes and behaviours around driving."

The Ashburton Public Library is also featuring the Ashburton College SADD display next week.

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