Stockwater races, trees on Council's post-storm watchlist

26/06/2015 12:00 a.m.

Ashburton District Council is still working on a number of issues to restore the region to normal, after last week's snowstorm.

Council rangers, for example, are closely monitoring stockwater race intakes as some races are still blocked with snow, ice and vegetation from the storm. The blockages have caused flooding on some roads and farms.

Where necessary, the rangers are adjusting stockwater intakes to avoid flooding but maintain water supply to the extremities of the network. Monitoring will continue as the snow melts.

Council would like farmers throughout the district to check their stockwater races and remove any debris that might be blocking them. 

If residents or farmers notice any main water races that appear to be blocked, please contact the water rangers.

Snow has also damaged trees in parks, cemeteries and streets in Methven, Mt Somers and Mayfield. Damaged trees and branches will be removed when conditions improve.

Page reviewed: 26 Jun 2015 4:41pm