Slowing down saves lives


Ashburton District Council is reminding the community to slow down and stick to the speed limit ahead of its latest road safety campaign.

Council's Roading Manager Brian Fauth says speed is one of the biggest road safety problems in New Zealand and many drivers underestimate the dangers of going too fast.

"It's incredibly important that people drive at a safe speed", Mr Fauth says. "Every month, 27 New Zealanders die in road crashes due to their body being unable to withstand the impact forces of a crash. The higher the speed, the higher the impact forces."

At higher speeds, motorists have less time to react when something unexpected happens and this makes mistakes harder to recover from. Traveling at a slower speed increases a driver's effective field-of-view and allows more time to recognise hazards.

"No one wants to become a road toll statistic. Speed limits are in place for public safety and it's up to everyone to do their part in respecting these and travel to the conditions. Accidents happen, but our interest is that in the event of a crash, you have a greater chance of walking away from it", Mr Fauth adds.

In the last five years, speed accounted for 38 per cent of all fatal crashes in New Zealand, making it the highest of all crash causes, followed by alcohol at 33 per cent.

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Page reviewed: 04 Oct 2016 4:01pm