SMART Watering, rain or shine

19/01/2017 10:00 a.m.

Thursday 19 January 2017

Recent rain may have put a dampener on the holidays this summer, but Ashburton District Council is urging the community to remain vigilant with water use.

Council Assets Manager Andrew Guthrie says the unseasonably wet conditions should not be a cause for complacency, and that SMART Watering practices are as important as ever.

“We often feel a sense of security about water when we see lots of rainfall, but consecutive seasons of dry weather has taken a toll on Mid Canterbury, and we should be doing what we can to ensure water is used wisely.”

IrrigationNZ Chief Executive Andrew Curtis is backing Council’s sentiments, adding there are immediate steps the community can take to reduce water wastage.

“Given it’s the middle of summer now, we’re looking at short-term approaches – things like making sure your sprinkler waters your plants and not the patio, driveway or footpath; using timers; watering early in the morning and in the evening and using mulch to help your soil retain water,” Mr Curtis says.

The SMART Watering campaign, developed by IrrigationNZ and launched by Canterbury councils in October last year, is an educational campaign promoting water-wise farming principles in suburban gardens. The campaign is a useful tool for residents, particularly with water restrictions in place across Ashburton District. 

Environment Canterbury is also spreading the message, reminding farmers to ensure they are irrigating their paddocks and not roads.

More information on the SMART Watering campaign can be found on Council's website.

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