Rose garden getting a makeover

19/07/2016 3:00 p.m.

The rose gardens at the Ashburton Domain are getting a massive makeover and staff say the changes will create a truly special place for romantics and flower lovers alike.

Ashburton District Council Supervisor Gardens and Health and Safety Michael Power said a lot of work has already been done this winter digging up the old garden, turning over the soil, fertilising, putting in irrigation, as well as preparing the new borders for the re-configured gardens.

"We want to make it all a bit grander with a big splash of colour, lots of varieties and a decorative hedge around the whole space," Mr Power said.

The new rose garden will have three entrances and the pathways will be wide enough to have two people walking side by side.

"We know that the garden is often used by wedding parties and hope that by the time we finish, the new space will bring a lot of joy to those who want to go and enjoy this special part of our domain," he added.

Mr Power said the project will take up to two years to be fully completed, but in the meantime encourages visitors to the Ashburton Domain to come over and check on progress from time to time.

"It would be great to hear from people who might have a special memory or photo from the old rose garden to share with us."

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