Restricted fire season conditions updated

​Thursday 9 March, 2017

Crop stubble burning after 1.00pm is now permitted in the district, following a review of the Restricted Fire Season Status in place throughout Mid-South Canterbury.

Farmers can now burn crop residue at any time of day, but must continue to meet all other conditions included in the fire restriction.

“With the recent rain and cooler weather, the risk of crop stubble fires getting away is lower than before. Whilst this particular part of the restriction has been changed, it is critical the community continues to heed all other conditions included in the fire restriction,” Emergency Management Officer Don Geddes says.

An updated version of the Crop Residue Burning Code of Practice is now available on the Council website, and farmers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the conditions it sets out.

A Restricted Fire Season was declared in the district on 28 February, which included a prohibition on crop stubble burning after 1.00pm each day. That condition is no longer in place.

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