Residents urged to do the right thing


​Local animal owners and hunters are being encouraged to dispose of animal remains correctly, following the discovery of remains in a number of public places in recent months.

Ashburton District Council has been alerted to a number of these cases, and Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin says this behaviour is both unpleasant and illegal.

“It’s not acceptable to leave animal remains along river banks or in other public places. Not only is this illegal under littering laws, but it is also potentially dangerous for people and other animals. Remains can attract vermin and spread disease, and coming across that sort of foulness is not very nice. Our people have to clean it up, and that’s not fair on ratepayers either who are left footing the bill.

“There are options available for animal remains to be disposed of properly, and I’d strongly encourage people to use these,” Mr Goodwin adds.

A number of private companies collect animal remains, and these are listed in the Yellow Pages under ‘waste disposal services’. There is also the option of burying the animal on your property, provided it meets the rules set out in the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan. The plan is available on the Environment Canterbury website

“The Ashburton Resource Recovery Park does accept a small amount of remains, such as dead possums and the like, however we can’t accept anything the size of a sheep or bigger. Our waste recovery contractors are investigating the possibility of accepting those larger amounts, but this option isn’t available at the moment.

“It’s unfortunate that while most people are doing the right thing, there are some who are disobeying the law and disregarding other people’s enjoyment of our public places. We take this matter very seriously, and will pursue action against offenders who are caught.”

Anyone who sees animal remains being illegally disposed of in a public place should contact Council on 03 307 7700 or email​

Page reviewed: 16 Feb 2018 3:34pm