Residents fed up with people dumping rubbish in town

5/11/2015 10:00 a.m.

Ashburton residents are asking out-of-towners to stop dumping rubbish illegally outside their homes and schools.

The Ashburton District Council has received complaints from residents who wake up to find extra rubbish bags and recycling bins on the footpath outside their homes, Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin said.

The extra bags and bins are thought to be coming from people living in areas without a kerbside collection service. The Council offers a kerbside collection service in Ashburton, Chertsey, Hinds, Mayfield, Methven, Mount Somers and Rakaia. People who live outside these areas need to take their rubbish and recycling to the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park.

As many as 25 extra rubbish bags can be found outside Tinwald School each collection day, which pupils have noticed and complained about in the past, Mr Goodwin said.

"Residents have reported to the Council that when they have confronted people who are fly tipping, they have copped some abuse, so they're reluctant to approach them."

Mr Goodwin said the Council was pleased to see people recycling and using the correct rubbish bags, but it was unfair for out-of-towners to use the collection service when they weren't contributing to it through their rates.

The cost of collecting refuse is covered by ratepayers, while the cost of transport, disposal and landfill levies is included in the rubbish bag price. People can drop off Council rubbish bags at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park free of charge.

"It might be convenient for people to leave their rubbish and recycling on a corner on their way into town, but it's not fair on the urban ratepayers," Mr Goodwin said.

The Council was investigating options for people living outside the kerbside collection area, but in the meantime requested that people "do the right thing by their neighbours" and drop off their refuse at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park.

Mr Goodwin said the Council was keeping an eye on a couple of spots that had become popular with rubbish dumpers.

Because fly tipping is illegal, the Council is able to issue fines to people caught leaving their rubbish outside someone else's property.

"But we would rather people just understood how the system works, how it is funded and what the impact is when they do this. Be a good neighbour," Mr Goodwin said.

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