Remaining boil water notices lifted


​Wednesday 2 August, 2017

Ashburton District Council has lifted the remaining precautionary boil water notices that were in place for the Methven-Springfield and Montalto water supplies, after test results today show the water quality has returned to normal.

High turbidity, or cloudiness had been detected in the water supplies since 21 July, which triggered Council to issue the precautionary notices for the schemes. Tests today show the water in both schemes is now as it should be.

Council Assets Manager Andrew Guthrie says Council has closely monitored the source water supplies since the notices were issued, and no contamination has been detected.

“The treatment equipment at both facilities has been working correctly, however high turbidity lowers the effectiveness of the equipment. Those turbidity levels have now decreased and it is now safe to lift the boil water notices.”

Montalto and Methven-Springfield were the last remaining water supplies on a precautionary boil water notice, after Council removed the notices for Methven and Mt Somers on Friday 28 and Monday 31 July, respectively.

Council issued precautionary boil water notices for the four water supplies on 21 July after monitoring equipment at all four treatment plants detected cloudiness in the water, which was likely caused by the heavy rainfall event that day.

There are now no boil water notices in place in the district.


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