Rehabilitation work set to increase pipe lifespan


The Ashburton District Council has this week started a project that will increase the life of parts of its wastewater network in Ashburton and Methven, with work expected to finish in early March.

Sewer mains located along Nelson and Kermode Streets in Ashburton, as well as on Main Street and The Mall in Methven will have a new lining inserted into the pipeline that will prolong the serviceable life of the pipe.

The lining is installed through sewer manholes, which negates the need for trenches to be dug. The work will be from Eton Street to Trevors Road along Nelson Street, between Dobson Street West and East Street on Kermode Street, from Lochhead Crescent to Lampard Street on Main Street in Methven, and between Forest Drive and The Mall.

Ashburton Contracting Limited and Pipe Technologies Limited are carrying out the work on the Council's behalf.

Service Delivery Group Manager Neil McCann says the project is necessary to ensure the network continues to operate as it should without needing to completely renew the pipes.

"The new lining is an effective tool for rehabilitating the pipeline, and is inserted in the old pipes so that we don't need to dig up the street, which means it's a lot less disruptive to residents."

Some sewer manholes are located on private property, and the Council will be working closely with affected residents to minimise disruption while accessing the manholes. Letters have been sent to those who will be affected by the project.​

The work will be carried out on weekdays between the hours of 7am and 6pm, and is anticipated to finish in the first week of March.​

Page reviewed: 14 Feb 2020 11:34am