Record Number Become Kiwis in Ashburton

Ashburton District has seen its biggest citizenship ceremony yet – with 46 residents from 7 different countries becoming new kiwis at a ceremony conducted by the Ashburton District Council.

This brings the number of new citizens in Ashburton district this year to 187.

Mayor Angus McKay, who officiated at the ceremony, said that citizenship ceremonies were a great opportunity for the community to formally welcome new residents on behalf of the country.

"The large numbers show that Ashburton District is a great place to live and people who have migrated to the district continue to stay here." said Mr McKay.

The event was held for the first time at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre to cater for the large number of new citizens.

"This shows that more migrants are choosing to be New Zealand citizens in Ashburton District," said Mr McKay.

The number of new citizens we have welcomed in the last 4 years are:

2010                       45          

2011                       66

2012                       152        

2013                       187

The new citizens are Sharon Anne Bailey, David Eric Bailey, Daniel Jonathan Bailey, Benjamin David Bailey, Susan Jane Coustas, Gregory Alan Coustas, Megan Rose Mary Coustas, Robyn Coustas, Martin Michael Dodson, Iosua Fepuleai, Jill Fepuleai, Caroline Fepuleai, Gerhard Dean Fourie, Ingrid Fourie, Taeauga Mafiti, Faauuga Mafiti, Scott Taeauga Mafiti, Toafa Taeauga, Delta Taeauga, Pevelise Taeauga, Kadugli Naomi Taeauga,  Dipendra Maharjan, Champa Maharjan, Palistha Maharjan, Parixit Maharjan, Faataualofa Manuleleua, Eletise Manuleleua, John Manuleleua, Marie Tagoilupefotu Manuleleua,  Avalii Manuleleua, Siavao Manuleleua, Gregory Eric Martin, Ngezei Nkwo, Catherine Wambui, Nkwo, Rodney Ekenedilichukwu Obanya Nkwo, Peauvasa Schuster,  Sheryl Bernardo Sulit, Sherwin dela Cruz Sulit, Sherin Bernardo Sulit, Moyra Aitken Whiting, Phillip Andrew Blyth, Jane Louise Cole, Martin Rudolph Cole, Rebekka Cole.

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