Quarterly rates instalments now in place



Ashburton District ratepayers will notice a change to their rates invoices when the first instalment for the 2018/19 year arrives in their email or letter box from today, with a new quarterly instalment schedule now in place, as well as a new-look invoice design.

There are now four rates invoices sent to ratepayers each year instead of six, bringing the district’s rating instalments into line with the majority of ​other district councils around the country. The reduced number of invoices, which are now sent every three months (quarterly) instead of two months, does not affect the amount that people pay through their rates each year.

Invoices are now sent out in July, October, January and April, and are due on the 20th of the following month.

Ashburton Mayor Donna Favel says, “When you receive your latest invoice, you may notice that the amount of money that you’ve been invoiced for is more than what is was before, because it is for three months-worth of rates instead of two months.

“You’ll also see that the design of the invoice has changed. We’ve updated the invoices so that they are easier to understand.”

People still have the ability to pay their rates on a schedule that suits their budget, such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly or two monthly. These options are available through direct debit, but Mayor Favel says you may need to contact the Council if you wish to continue paying your rates every two months through this method.

“Anyone who previously paid their rates two monthly using direct debit and who hasn’t already gotten in touch with us will automatically have their payments changed from two monthly to quarterly. Please contact us if you’d prefer your payments to continue coming out every two months.”

The Council voted to change the rating instalment schedule in February this year as a way of delivering a more efficient and cost effective service. The new schedule also aligns with the invoicing practices of 47 out of 51 district councils in New Zealand.

For more information about the new rating instalment schedule or to request that your two-monthly direct debit payments continue, call 03 307 7700 or email info@adc.govt.nz. Information can also be found on the Council website​.​​​

Page reviewed: 23 Aug 2018 4:34pm