Preliminary election results available for Ashburton District Council


​​13 October 2019

The preliminary election results for the Ashburton District Council are now available.

NEIL BROWN has the most votes for the mayoralty, with 4,418 votes, ahead of TONY TODD (3,731), DONNA FAVEL (2,384) and LEEN BRAAM (1,422).

Council Chief Executive Hamish Riach has been in touch with all mayoral candidates to relay the outcome and congratulate Neil Brown on his election. The official results are expected no later than 17 October.

The preliminary results show Leen Braam (4,658 votes), John Falloon (4,538 votes), Carolyn Cameron (3,798 votes), Diane Rawlinson (3,672 votes) and Angus McKay (3,455 votes) have been elected to the Ashburton Ward.

The elected members for the Western Ward are Liz McMillan and Rodger Letham.

Lynette Lovett and Stuart Wilson have been elected to Eastern Ward.

Preliminary results show Roger Paterson, Chantelle Quinn, Kieran Breakwell, Tim Silva, Robert Anthony Harnett and Chris Robertson have been elected to the Ashburton Licensing Trust.

View all preliminary results for the Ashburton District Council elections below, or click image to download PDF:

The Council has contacted all candidates to advise of the results.​

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