Possible temporary closure of EA Networks Centre pool


Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Ashburton District Council is advising residents that the EA Networks Centre pool may temporarily close later this afternoon (Tuesday 21 February) due to unsafe high temperatures predicted for today.

For health and safety reasons, the EA Networks Centre pool must close when temperatures reach 31 degrees Celsius inside the pool area, and with hot conditions predicted for Ashburton today, Council is warning residents it may be forced to close the pool.

“Particularly warm days like this pose a risk to the wellbeing of staff and visitors to the pool,” Council Service Delivery Group Manager Neil McCann says. “It is unsafe for people to be in these conditions, and as a precaution, we may close the EA Network Centre pool later this afternoon.”

The possible pool closure will not affect the remainder of the EANC and all other areas will operate as usual.

“If we do have to close the EANC pool today, Council will open the Tinwald Community Pool earlier so that residents will still be able to go for a swim in this heat,” Mr McCann adds.

People who usually attend Learn to Swim classes are being contacted through email and phone to notify them of the expected closure.

“We do understand the inconvenience this expected closure may cause to residents and hope it doesn’t disrupt their routine too much.”

Council will continue to monitor conditions and will notify when a decision on the possible closure has been made.

For more information, visit the Council website.

Page reviewed: 21 Feb 2017 12:41pm