One-way street system starting on Burnett and Tancred Streets - Ashburton CBD


Drivers in the Ashburton CBD will need to mindful of which roads they are wanting to turn onto from Monday 3 August, when Burnett and Tancred Streets become one-way roads.

The $15 million CBD streetscape upgrades are designing a more pedestrian and cycle-friendly environment for residents, and this includes making Burnett and Tancred Streets one-way.

The Council's contractor, Tru-Line Civil will begin building new gardens and rain gardens at the Burnett/Cass Street and Tancred/Cass Street intersections from next week, which will restrict traffic flows to one lane. The streets will then remain one-way, effectively launching the new one-way system.

Vehicles will enter Burnett Street from Cass Street and exit onto East Street, while traffic on Tancred Street will enter from East Street and exit onto Cass Street. Cass, Moore, Havelock and East Streets will remain two-way roads.

​​Pictured: The Burnett/Cass Street intersection will be reduced to one lane of traffic from 3 August as rain gardens are constructed. Burnett Street will then remain as one-way road.

The one-way system will only apply to the CBD, and will not affect the roads outside the Cass and East Street borders.

Signs will be installed at East Street and Cass Street to advise drivers of the changed conditions.

While construction is underway, drivers will initially be able to perform a u-turn to exit Burnett and Tancred Streets​ from the correct intersection, however this will not be possible once the gardens are finished.​

To learn more about the Ashburton CBD Streetscape Revitalisation project, visit​ or receive notifications to your mobile phone for free by texting '#CBD' to 4196.

Page reviewed: 28 Jul 2020 3:18pm