One billion trees project - do your research before you dig


Landowners and groups wanting to participate in the Government's One Billion Trees Programme​ are being advised to do their homework before putting shovel to dirt to ensure their project is a success.

The One Billion Trees Programme is ​a goal set by the New Zealand Government to plant a billion trees by 2028 with the help of ​​landowners and organisations. Government grants are available to help fund the plantings.

Although the programme aims to facilitiate great environmental and community outcomes, the Council is encouraging people to consider one the programme's key focuses - 'right​ tree, right place, right purpose'.

The One Billion Trees Programme acknowledges that simply planting any tree anywhere isn't the desired end goal. ​​

The programme encourages planting native specie​s to improve and protect biodiversity values, in places that are suitable for local land-use, and that consideration is given to the long-term maintenance and end-use of the trees before planting.

Residents are also being advised to consult the District Plan before undertaking their proposed planting project, as tree planting can cause adverse effects on landscape values. It is also important to ensure the protection of neighbouring residential units and prevent the spread of wilding tree species.

For example, Rural Zones section 3.9.12 includes specific rules for where trees can be planted in Rural Zones A, B and C and several tree species are not allowed.

The District Plan is available for review on the Council website.

Page reviewed: 30 Sep 2020 11:23am