Numbers soar for wood burner consents


Wednesday 1 November, 2017

Ashburton District Council issued 138 consents for wood burners last month, and still has another 242 applications to process, following an influx of applications that were lodged before the 31 October low emission wood burner deadline.

Residents seeking to install a low emission wood burner in the Ashburton Township had until yesterday to submit their application for a Solid Fuel Heater consent, and the cut-off date has seen a significant increase in the consents issued for 2017 than on the previous year.  

“We have been inundated, particularly in the last week with last minute applications. On Monday and Tuesday alone, we received 154 applications. Compared with 2016, where we issued 360 consents between January and October, this year we’ll have issued around 750, which really puts things into perspective,” Building Services Manager Michael Wong says.

“We have been kept incredibly busy processing these applications, and we still have plenty to do in the coming weeks.”

As of today, residents in the Ashburton Township who have a wood burner that is more than 15 years old, can only apply to install an ultra-low emission wood burner in their homes, following an Environment Canterbury decision to phase out old style and low emission wood burners in the Ashburton Clear Air Zone.

Those with a consent or who applied for a consent before 31 October will have one year to begin work to install their low emission wood burner, and then another year to compete the work. Once it is done, Council will inspect the work, and if it meets compliance, a code of compliance certificate will be issued.

Page reviewed: 02 Nov 2017 10:48am