New wheelie bins on the way

1/08/2017 12:00 a.m.

A new wheelie bin collection service for the Ashburton District is about to get underway from 1 September, and residents should keep an eye out for their bins which are being delivered to properties from today.

The collection service includes a 240 litre yellow recycling bin; an 80 litre red rubbish bin; and a 45 litre green crate for glass bottles and jars. Residents who already have a green crate, which is currently used for all recycling, are encouraged to keep their crate for the new service. Properties that don't already receive a green crate recycling service will be delivered a crate ready for 1 September.

The service will replace the current bag and recycling crate system operating in Ashburton, Chertsey, Methven, Mt Somers, Mayfield and Hinds, as well as the bag system in Rakaia. It is also being introduced to some properties who haven't previously received Council kerbside collection services, including Lake Hood, Fairton and Winslow.

"We've been anticipating this new service for months, and now the launch date is in sight," Council Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin says. "Residents in the collection area will start seeing the bins being delivered around their neighbourhoods from today and we encourage them to get to know how the service will work. An information booklet will be delivered with the bins which will help with this, so it's important people give it a read.

"We are very excited about the wheelie bin and crate service and what it will mean for the district's recycling habits. We've been working towards our vision for 'zero waste' since 2011, and this service is part of that vision. We hope the larger recycling capacity that this service provides will help the community recycle more and reduce the amount of waste it sends to landfill."

Although the bins are being delivered this month, they are not to be used until the new collection starts on 1 September. Residents may see the new collection trucks driving around the district during the next few weeks, but they will only be training for the start of the service, and bins should not be put out until September.

For more information on the service, including how it will work, who will receive the service and what can be put in the bins, click here.​

Below is Dan Redmond, of Envirowaste, and Craig Goodwin, of Ashburton District Council with the latest delivery of new wheelie bins set to be rolled out to residents this month.

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