New structure for community funding and grants


​A new decision-making body for Ashburton District Council's community funding and grants is being established to make the funding process clearer for organisations applying for assistance.

A Community Grants and Funding Subcommittee will replace the existing structure, which includes six subcommittees, a liaison group and the Council.

Finance and Business Support Committee Chair Cr Neil Brown said the existing structure could be confusing and led to people approaching elected members or Council officers in an ad hoc way.

"People applying for funding or grants don't always understand what is expected of them," Mr Brown said. "Successful applicants also provide varying reports to Council on how their funding was used, which means it's harder to determine if the grant has provided value for money."

Under the new structure, all funding and grants money will be part of one pool that will be approved during the Annual Plan/Long Term Plan process. The Council will make a decision on the total amount to be allocated and that amount will be distributed to successful applicants throughout the year.

"One of the benefits of the new structure is that the Council will have better transparency and accountability when it comes to funding and grants for community organisations," Mr Brown said.

Over 2015/16, the Council will spend more than $1.3 million on funding and grants for organisations that needed to extend their reach into the community and support community wellbeing.

Page reviewed: 05 Nov 2015 3:15pm