New layout for Resource Recovery Park


Thursday 14 May 2015

Visitors to the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park may have noticed a series of upgrades are already happening in and around the Council-owned facility.

The first of the design changes to improve the park's layout and traffic flow is the relocation of the recycling area which is being completed this week.

A much larger, more convenient recycling area has been set up past the Re-Use Shop, with a new traffic route taking people directly to the spacious recycling drop-off site.

The old recycling area will become diagonal car parking for visitors to The Re-Use Shop, and a dedicated drop off zone has been established for people donating used household goods.

Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin says relocating recycling to the new area opens up the space outside the store which has recently been painted inside and reorganised using some of the shelving from the old Ashburton Museum.

"The new road takes people directly to the recycling area which is able to accommodate larger bins and more of them."

The bins will be clearly labelled indicating which recyclables go in which bin. All recycling drop offs are free.

The end and major part of the changes to the resource recovery park is the relocation of the weighbridge which will be completed by the end of the year.

The weighbridge will be moved from its current location to be positioned on an island in the middle of two traffic lanes for entering and exiting vehicles.

"People are going to see a number of new initiatives rolled out over the next six months as Council further develops the park."

Along with these changes, Council is re-naming the Re-Use Shop and is keen for the community to put forward their suggestions.

The re-use store is where many items that would be dumped at landfill can instead be dropped off at the shop and reused, recycled or resold as second-hand goods.

Mr Goodwin says the winning entry will receive a bokashi kit, an indoor composting system.

Suggestions for a new name can be emailed to or private message us on Facebook.


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