New Mayor Donna Favel's personal statement

11/10/2016 11:00 a.m.

What an exciting few days it has been!

Thank you to everyone who voted in Ashburton’s local body elections. Fifty three per cent of you took the time to
vote – one of the highest turnouts in the country.

In exercising your democratic right, you expressed an overwhelming desire for change. You said you wanted fresh faces and new approaches from your Council and you have elected a Mayor and Councillors that reflect that. Your elected members are also much more diverse, offering much wider representation for our community.

The makeup of our new Council bodes well for a broader range of issues and more robust discussions to be brought to the Council table. We will need this as we face a number of pressing issues from both the urban and rural parts of our district, from the need for revitilisation of the CBD and traffic issues to matters affecting our farming and smaller rural communities such as the impact of fluctuating dairy payouts and the importance of sustainable farming practices.

This district has so much to offer and I am very aware of the trust that the community has placed in us. In many ways, the opportunities before us are limitless. It’s the perfect time to look ahead to the future and achieve as much as possible.

I am very much looking forward to learning more about our new Councillors and their aspirations for the District. I also know that the Councillors, who have been re-elected, will bring valuable experience to the table and assist their new colleagues to quickly come up to speed.

Thank you again for putting your faith in me. I am thoroughly looking forward to representing you as your mayor.

If you ever need to contact me please email me at

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