Museum Granted Access to More Exhibit Space


​The Ashburton Museum will have access to additional space for exhibitions after Council decided to allocate unused café area for Museum activities.

The decision to give the Museum access to the space, as well as approval to seek external funding for fit out costs, was made at July’s Service Delivery meeting.

Ashburton District Council Group Manager - Service Delivery, Neil McCann said the original design of the building included a small designated café area located at the West Street road frontage although no viable offers to operate a café have been received by the Council to date.

Mr McCann said allowing the Museum to use the space will provide additional opportunities to host traveling exhibitions as well as curate exhibitions using collections material that is currently in storage.

"The extra space will have multiple benefits for the district that include repeat visits by people to see new exhibits as well as the opportunity for staff to put together exhibits featuring material from our own extensive collections,"
Mr McCann said.

"If, however, a café operator that meets all the conditions in the resource comes forward and wants to operate from the museum building, then we will need to make the space available to them," he added.

Page reviewed: 14 Jul 2016 12:08pm