Mt Somers water restriction lowered to level four


The Ashburton District Council has downgraded the Mt Somers water restriction to a level four, as water consumption has lowered to a more manageable level.

The water scheme was placed on a level five water conservation notice on Tuesday 21 January, after water levels became very low in the catchment. The notice restricted residents to using water for only essential needs such as cooking, cleaning, drinking and for hygiene purposes.

Under the level four restriction, residents can now also use a bucket or watering can to water their gardens, but hoses and sprinklers are not allowed.

The Council has continued to monitor the supply closely and is satisfied the level five restriction is no longer required, however  Service Delivery Group​ Manager Neil McCann says residents should continue to use their water wisely and follow the level four restriction in place.

"Water use dropped dramatically when the level five restriction was imposed and this made a big difference to the supply. We're pleased that we can now reduce the restriction for residents.

"Thank you for your cooperation and for helping to ensure there is enough water for everyone. Please adhere to the new restriction so that we don't risk the supply running low again."

Methven and Chertsey remain on a level three restriction, while Ashburton, Lake Hood, Fairton, Hakatere, Hinds, Mayfield and Rakaia are on a level one restriction.​

For more information on water restrictions in the Ashburton District, see the Council website.​

Page reviewed: 05 Feb 2020 4:17pm