Mayfield Water Supply FAQs

7/11/2016 12:00 a.m.

Why is Ashburton District Council changing the way it supplies water to Mayfield?
The Council has been monitoring the Mayfield water bore level and has found that it is now extremely low.  Council staff are concerned that the bore will not be able to provide the water Mayfield needs for the summer.

Why is the water level in the bore so low?
Usually, the water level in the bore drops during summer and recovers in winter. In the last three years, the bore hasn’t fully recharged each winter, leading to very low levels this year. Other bores in the area have also been affected.

What will the Council do to ensure Mayfield residents receive the water they need?
To make sure Mayfield residents continue to receive safe, clean, drinking water, the Council will switch the water supply from the bore to a water race.  A mobile treatment plant will be installed to clean and treat the water so that it meets all the requirements for safe drinking water.

 When will the Council start using the treatment plant?
The plant will be installed at the end of November or early December.

 Are Mayfield residents able to water their gardens?
Hosing is not allowed in Mayfield at the moment and this will continue through the summer.

When will the Mayfield water supply return to normal?
At this stage, we don’t know.  It will depend on whether groundwater levels recover in the near future.

 Is there anything the Council would like Mayfield residents to do?
Continue to follow the hosing restrictions and report any water leaks on private properties or from general water pipes, as soon as possible. Water meters have also been installed to help the Council identify any major leaks.

 A big thank you to Mayfield residents who have been supporting the water restrictions. Water usage in Mayfield, over the past few weeks, has been significantly less than usual.

Page reviewed: 07 Nov 2016 4:22pm