Mayfield Level 4 water restrictions now in place

28/10/2016 10:00 a.m.

Mayfield has been upgraded to a Level 4 Hosing Ban water restriction today, following continued low water levels in the Mayfield bore.

Ashburton District Council Service Delivery Group Manager Neil McCann says the restriction has been put in place to provide as much relief to the bore as possible.

“The Mayfield water supply has been under pressure for a while now, and as we move into another dry summer, it is critical that residents restrict their water use, particularly around their gardens.”

Mayfield residents are advised to use a bucket or watering can if they wish to water their plants, however hoses will not be permitted.

Mr McCann says Council will shortly begin a water metering pilot project in Mayfield to help Council and residents identify water use issues and what can be done to improve water sustainability.

“With the restrictions setting in, we encourage the Mayfield community to check their property for any leaking pipes or taps, and to get these fixed as soon as possible. Once the water metering project is working, Council will be able to start helping residents determine if they have any water leaks that they may not be aware of.”

Council will continue to monitor the Mayfield water supply and will advise the community of any updates or changes to the water restrictions.

“We greatly appreciate the community’s cooperation during these restrictions and are thankful to Mayfield residents for their efforts to reduce water wastage,” Mr McCann adds.

Information on Ashburton District’s water restrictions are available from the Council website.

Page reviewed: 28 Oct 2016 12:43pm