Managers Certificates changes

11/12/2013 12:00 a.m.

Managers of bars, clubs and off-licenses will have additional hoops to jump through under the new Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.

Under the new Act all managers will need to hold the same manager's certificate. To get the certificate they will need to undertake and pass a managers course through an approved training provider.

Ashburton District Council Licensing Inspector, Alison Batcheler, says the new requirements will ensure all managers have the same base competency level.

"The requirement to undertake an approved course will bring consistency and should raise standards over the sector," says Mrs Batcheler.  

This change takes effect from 18 December. Current general manager and club manager certificates will remain valid until they are due for renewal.

When existing certificates come up for renewal, managers will have to complete a bridging test to ensure they understand the requirements under the new Act.

The new Act also brings in a minimum age of 20 years for applicants for a managers certificate.

Page reviewed: 11 Dec 2013 4:15pm