Last Week To Have Your Say on Draft Annual Plan


Residents have one week left to have their say on the Ashburton District Council's Annual Plan 2014/15.

Mayor Angus McKay says the plan is still a draft and is an opportunity for residents to provide input into Council's work programme for the year ahead.

Mr McKay says councillors are unanimous in their call for residents to take the opportunity to make a submission on what they like or don't like about the proposed work programme and budget for the coming year.

"This year's focus is very much on the ongoing development of our district and in particular the community facilities we are all able to enjoy such as the new Art Gallery and Heritage Centre and EA Networks Centre," he said.

Mr McKay says the Council has also proposed a further increase in investment into the district's roads.

"We need a multi-pronged approach to roading and changing to the way road maintenance is managed as well as additional investment and getting fair share of government investment will all play a part," says Mr McKay.

"Council will continue to strongly lobby for a fairer contribution from the government to maintain our roads at an appropriate standard," he said.

"The work programme and budget proposed for the coming year reflects our growing community and will lay a strong platform for our community for the years ahead," says Mr McKay.

By the end of last week the Council had received 20 submissions. Council community relations manager Gavin Thomas says it is too early to tell what the final response will be.

"This is about normal for this stage of the process and we usually see an increase in submissions in the last week," said Mr Thomas.

Residents can choose to present their submission to Council in person if they wish with hearings to be held on 26 and 27 May.

Following the hearings councillors will consider all submissions received and look at any changes they think should be made as a result of the community feedback.

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Page reviewed: 09 May 2014 5:24pm