LED street lights touch down in Ashburton

15/08/2018 4:00 p.m.

Better visibility, less maintenance and more energy efficient: say hello to Ashburton's new LED street lights, which have just arrived in the district ready for installation from October.

The LED lights will replace the old high-pressure sodium lights currently in use.

Council Roading Manager Brian Fauth says, "The LED's increased luminescence and white light helps to reduce urban road accidents, which is a great outcome. They'll also last much longer than the sodium lights and require less power."

The Council made the decision in August last year to change the district's street lights to LED, taking advantage of NZ Transport Agency's offer to subsidise 85 per cent of the installation costs.​

All 2,536 LED lights are projected to be installed by the end of December.

The LED lights would be installed in all streetlights that are spread out all over the district.

​​​​​Pictured: Road Safety Coordinator, Jeremy Lambert with one of the new LED street lights that have just arrived in Ashburton ready to be installed.​

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