Keeping drains clear a quick fix

12/12/2016 9:30 a.m.

Ashburton District Council is reminding residents and business owners to dispose of oil and fat responsibly to help keep the district’s water drains working correctly. 

Council Service Delivery Group Manager Neil McCann says oil and fat from cooking, particularly in restaurants and takeaways should be disposed of with a commercial collector or thrown in the bin, and not poured down wastewater drains.

“Wastewater drains are not designed to handle fat and oil. When these products are poured down the drain, they quickly dry and block the system, which can result in overflows and backups that are an unnecessary cost for ratepayers to bear.”

“It’s not a pleasant experience to have a blocked wastewater drain leak its contents onto your property. We’re urging people in the community who might be disposing of oil or fat the wrong way to think about their actions and make the right choices. We all need to work together to make the most of our services.”

Mr McCann says there are a number of easy alternatives to keep oil and fat out of wastewater drains.

“People can wait for the deposits to solidify and then bury it in their garden, add it to their compost or put it in the rubbish bin. A lot of people are already doing this and we’d like to see that positive effort continue.”

Council has been carrying out an ongoing programme to renew wastewater main pipes in Ashburton and Methven throughout 2016.

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