Hydroslide feature at EA Networks Centre explored

21/10/2014 12:00 a.m.

Ashburton District residents will soon have the opportunity to let Council know if they think a hydroslide feature should be part of the EA Networks Centre's aquatic complex.

An information brochure and survey will be delivered to homes inside The Courier on 30 October with a range of hydroslide options for residents to consider. The survey will also be available to complete online via Council's website.

Sports Facilities Manager Steve Prescott says Council is keen to know what the community thinks about having a hydroslide.

"Should there be a hydroslide at the EA Networks Centre? If so, what type of slide or slides should the Centre have, when should they be installed and how much should Council spend?"

The results of the survey will form part of the mix of information that will help Council decide whether or not to add a hydroslide.

The survey puts forward a number of different options for people to consider as well as information on the costs involved.

"The survey is a valuable way for the community to have their say on a hydroslide in the EA Networks Centre - if it's something they want now, at a later stage, or not at all."

The hydroslide survey and consultation will follow a similar process to the rubbish and recycling collection review where initial feedback through the survey helped form the basis of the formal consultation process and submissions later on.

Once Council has considered all available information – including the survey results – it will select an option and consult with the community in February/March next year through Council's Long Term Plan 2015 - 2025. This is when submissions on the option put forward in the plan are called for and hearings are held.

"Right now it's about hearing from the community about how they feel about having a hydroslide at the EA Networks Centre."

Mr Prescott encourages people to take their time, read the information and consider what they think is best for them and the community before completing the survey.

The survey closes at 5pm on Monday December 1, 2014. Printed copies of the survey can be picked up from Council offices and at the Ashburton Public Library.

Learn more about the Hydroslide survey

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