High river levels could affect Methven area stockwater supply


​Wednesday 12 April, 2017

Ashburton District Council is warning rural Methven residents their stockwater supply may be unavailable this week as high river levels look set to affect the area’s stockwater intakes.

Rising river levels from the ongoing rainfall is likely to disrupt the structures that channel river water into the Pudding Hill, Methven Auxiliary and Bushside stockwater intakes, and affected residents could be without their stockwater supply until the beginning of next week.

Council Assets Manager Andrew Guthrie says residents should be prepared for the stockwater races to lose flows if the high rainfall continues.

“At this stage, the stockwater intakes are still working, but if the rivers continue to rise and it starts washing the channelling systems away, there won’t be enough water entering the stockwater intakes.

“If this happens, Council will start rebuilding these systems as soon as river levels have dropped sufficiently for work to begin, however this can be a number of days after the event.”

Council’s stockwater intakes are built along river banks to take water out of the river and direct it down stockwater races. Material in the riverbed is bulldozed to form shingle banks that channels some of the river water into the stockwater intakes. Flooding in the river can wash those shingle banks away, leaving the stockwater intakes unable to adequately draw water.

Council recommends users reliant on the open race network consider having alternate water supplies available, should the flooding affect the intakes.

Page reviewed: 12 Apr 2017 4:54pm