High number of building consents being processed

6/11/2014 12:00 a.m.

Ashburton District Council's building services team is experiencing one of its busiest months with 123 building consent applications currently being processed.

November is traditionally a busy month with people keen to get their building consent issued by Christmas but Building Services Manager Michael Wong says Council has received a lot more applications than it usually gets at this time of the year.

To assist with the increased demand on building consent services and to get consents issued within the 20 day time period, Waimakariri District Council's building staff are helping with some of the applications.

"The high levels of building activity the district is experiencing certainly has its challenges so it's great that councils in Canterbury are keen to help each other out to ensure we can maintain the level of service required," Mr Wong says.

Up until about three months ago Ashburton District Council was assisting Christchurch City Council with its building consent applications.

Of the 123 building consents currently being processed 39 are for new homes while the other 84 are for residential alterations (27), garages/sheds (22), commercial alterations (16), relocated homes (11), new commercial buildings (6), marquee (1) and swimming pool (1).

August was the next busiest month for new homes in 2014, with 31 consents issued.

To date Council has received 1117 building consent applications, 76 more than the same time last year, with the value of consents issued up to the end of October sitting at $127m.

Mr Wong says the number of consents being lodged online has also been steadily increasing since the function was introduced on Council's website in March this year.

About 20% of building consents received since March have been applied for through Council's website and the online move has helped with the influx of applications.

The advantage to online applications is that electronic files are easier for staff to manage, allowing them to sort information more quickly which can then help shorten the processing time, Mr Wong says.

"The response to the online service has been really positive with homeowners and builders recognising the benefits of using an online system."


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