Hakatere Huts


Ashburton District Council has sent letters to six Hakatere hut holders whose huts are located on the sea front to advise that their huts are at high risk due to further coastal erosion.

Owners were also advised that notices would be posted on the affected huts in August stating that under the requirements of the Building Act the huts are deemed to be unsafe and owners will have one month from that time to vacate.  

Jane Donaldson, Group Manager Environmental Services says the Council is sensitive to the situation but has an obligation under the Building Act.

"We understand this is likely to be a difficult situation for the affected hut holders and therefore we are giving what amounts to a longer period of notice to vacate their properties than normal," said Ms Donaldson. 

A recent report from Environment Canterbury has shown erosion of the cliff the huts stand on has increased in recent months and that the risk of the huts falling is becoming serious.

Ms Donaldson says if there is any further erosion before the beginning of August, Council will bring forward the issuing of the 30 day notice to the hut owners, as required under the Building Act.  

"We are looking to give the hut holders as much notice as we can while fulfilling our legal and moral obligations," she said.

Page reviewed: 26 May 2014 10:44am