Fridge Magnet Error Not Cool for Council

12/11/2013 12:00 a.m.

Fridge magnets distributed by a marketing company to homes in Ashburton District have an incorrect contact number for the Council, causing frustration for one local resident.

The magnets incorrectly give the phone number for animal and noise control matters as 03 308 7700 rather than the Council's 03 307 7700. The wrong number belongs to a local resident who is understandably growing weary of answering calls intended for the Council.

The Council admits it may have contributed to the confusion. The incorrect number was provided on the back of recent Council rates invoices and the marketing company says a former Council employee approved the incorrect number for use on the magnets.

Council Group Manager Business Support, Paul Brake has contacted the resident apologising for the mistake and for the Council's likely part in it.

"They have been very understanding under the circumstances and we are certainly sorry for any inconvenience this is causing them," said Mr Brake.

Mr Brake says the Council is doing what it can to rectify the situation.

"We are having the rates invoices over-printed to black out the incorrect number and we urge residents to ignore the Council contact number provided on fridge magnets being distributed by Pin Point Promotions," said Mr Brake.

Mr Brake says the situation is far from ideal but there is not much more the Council can do.

"We have nothing to do with the marketing company and while we have pointed the error out to them we can't require them to recall their magnets."

Mr Brake suggests residents black out the corner of the magnet or cut it out altogether to avoid calling the wrong number.

Mr Brake says the residents should only use 03 307 7700 to call the Council.

"Residents can get through to any department of the Council or request any service by ringing the one number."

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