Easier access at the dog park

7/03/2017 12:00 a.m.

The Ashburton Dog Exercise Park is now even more welcoming for the district's canine-loving residents and their pets, following Ashburton District Council's moves to make the park more mobility friendly. 

 Council has been improving the accessibility of the Dog Park, clearing up the loose shingle in the entrance way at both gates and providing firmer grounding.

 Environmental Monitoring Manager Rick Catchpowle says Council is pleased to improve the park's accessibility and hopes more people in the community will be able to enjoy the ​facility with their pets.

 "We had received concerns that the loose shingle was an obstacle for people using wheelchairs or mobility scooters and wanted to do something to fix that. Loose shingle should not be a reason people with accessibility issues can't enjoy the dog park like everyone else, so we set about improving the ground's stability."

 The shingle has been removed from both entrances at the park and replaced with firmer, even grounding.

 This is the latest improvement at the Ashburton Dog Park, after Council installed a self-filling water trough at the park in June last year. 

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