Drivers urged to take care on weather-affected roads

11/04/2018 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday 11 April, 2018

Motorists in the Ashburton District are being advised to drive with caution and be mindful of weather affected roads, following rainfall and icy conditions around the district this week.

Service Delivery Group Manager Neil McCann says the ongoing rainfall has likely resulted in localised surface flooding, and roads may be experiencing water damage that drivers should be wary of. 

“We always encourage people to drive to the conditions, and this message is all the more important at times like this. When we experience these weather events, the water, compounded with vehicles using the road can result in washouts and potholes that can be hazardous.

“Even if you know your usual travel routes well, please don’t be complacent. Increase your distance from the vehicle in front, slow down and stay alert for hazards.”

Mr McCann’s warning also extends to road work sites where repairs and maintenance programmes have continued throughout the week.

“There are a number of road works still underway, including flood repairs at the Thompsons Track/Tramway Road intersection and reconstruction of parts of Seafield Road from Single Tree Road towards Stanley Road. I’d urge drivers to please remember to slow down, as we don’t want speed to further compound any damage or setbacks the wet weather might have had on the work.”

Snowfalls around Methven and the surrounding foothills on Monday night saw moderate accumulation of snow on the roads, however this had mostly melted by Tuesday morning.

Information on Ashburton District’s road network and the road works being carried out can be found on the Council website

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