Don't miss your chance to say what's most important

8/11/2017 3:00 p.m.

People in the community who haven't yet had their say are being encouraged to fill out the second 'It's Our Place' survey before it closes on Friday 10 November.

'It's Our Place' – a campaign to get people thinking about what should happen in the Ashburton District over the next 10 years – is now asking people which ideas gathered from the first survey they think are most important for the future of the district.

Council Community Relations Manager Vincie Billante says there have already been hundreds of responses to the second survey, but Council is keen to hear from everyone.

"More than 600 people have told Council which ideas are most important to them since the survey opened last month. We had lots of people visiting us at the Ashburton A & P Show to fill out the survey, and even more have completed it online. With more than 660 responses gathered in the first survey, we are looking to get even more this time around.

"It doesn't matter if you participated in the first survey or not, whether you live in the district or how old you are, we are welcoming everyone's thoughts. If you've already completed the short survey, I'd encourage you to ask your kids, neighbours and friends to fill it out as well. These ideas affect everyone in the district."

The ideas presented in the survey are grouped into five small categories, and people are being asked to select which idea from each category is important to them.

Once the second survey round closes, the responses will be used to develop the final survey, which will open on 24 November. Council will then use the results from the surveys to decide what should be included in its draft Long Term Plan. The plan will be open for public consultation in early 2018 for people to say whether they agree with it or not.

The survey is available online at or in paper form from the Council office and a number of businesses around the district. There are also survey kiosks located at the Ashburton library and EA Networks Centre. The survey closes at midnight on Friday 10 November.

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