Don't forget to register your dog

30/06/2017 9:00 a.m.

​Friday 30 June, 2017

Dog registration month is about to begin around the country, and Ashburton District Council is reminding local dog owners to register or re-register their pets and working dogs with Council before the 31 July 2017.

Dog registration forms will soon arrive in the post, and owners are encouraged to register their pet online from tomorrow, Saturday 1 July or at Council reception from Monday 3 July.

Council Environmental Monitoring Manager Rick Catchpowle says it is important owners register their dogs as part of being a responsible dog owner, and to avoid penalties.  

“All dogs three months old and over must be registered before the end of July. Those with the same registration details as well as new dogs can all be registered online.

“For owners with dogs whose registration details have changed, like address, owner or they are now deceased, simply call the Council office and those changes will be made. You can then register your pet online. Alternatively, all dogs can be registered at the Council office on Baring Square West.

“Registering your dog is an important part of your responsibilities as a dog owner. Unfortunately - aside from late fees - if dogs are left unregistered, infringements can be issued from 1 September. After that, unregistered dogs may be seized from 11 September, which is not a nice thing to have to do. To avoid this, please do the right thing and get your dog registered on time.”

Dogs can be registered online using an up-to-date browser on the Council website.

Page reviewed: 01 Aug 2017 2:24pm