Dog Registrations

30/06/2014 12:00 a.m.

Dog owners looking to pay their dog registration early were left frustrated by a glitch in the Council's payment processes.

Several dog owners came into the Council offices on Friday but were told the Council was unable to take their payments.

A similar problem was also encountered by residents looking to pay dog registrations through the Council website where payments could not be processed.

Group Manager Environmental Services, Jane Donaldson says the problem was caused by a change in the Council's financial processes and the dog registration invoices being posted two days earlier than they should have.

"Dog registrations are a bit of a balancing act where we want to get the invoices out as early as possible but in this case our systems had changed in a way that stopped early payment," she said.

"The finance system has been adjusted with a manual work around so from Monday we have been able to take early payments," she added.

Ms Donaldson says the Council apologises for any inconvenience caused to dog owners as a result of the situation.

"Causing people inconvenience for wanting to make their payments early is certainly not what we want to be doing," she said.

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