Detection programme saving water in Methven and Hinds


Potential water leaks around Methven and Hinds have​ been in the Council's sights this month, with work underway to 'sound out' any wasteful leaks in the drinking water networks.

Special listening devices have been attached to valves, hydrants and tobies around the two towns, allowing  technicians to identify any leaks in the system.

Although the work isn't being carried out on private property, the equipment is able to pick up if there are significant leaks on residents' properties, as well as in the public water mains. If leaks are detected, residents are notified.

The detection devices listen for a specific sound that indicates there is a possible leak in the system. The technicians then use loggers to pinpoint where the leak is located so that it can be fixed.

The programme started on 20 July and is expected to wrap up in coming days.

Checks have previously been carried out in parts of Ashburton, Hinds and Chertsey. The Council will continue to progressively move around all of the district's schemes over coming years.​

Page reviewed: 30 Jul 2020 1:09pm