Council to seek feedback on town revitalisation project


​Thursday 5 April, 2018

Ashburton District Council will next month consult on a range of initiatives to revitalise Ashburton's CBD.

Among the proposed changes are a 30 km/hour speed limit in the area bound by East, Moore, Cass and Havelock Streets; gateway treatments at four key entry locations to the CBD; and the provision of free time restricted parking on a one-year trial basis.

Group Manager Environmental Services Jane Donaldson said work on the revitilisation project began last year and had involved the Council, a Town Centre Working Group, and Abley Transportation Consultants.

"We know that a viable and vibrant town centre is critical if the Council is seeking to reinforce the importance of the CBD, reclaim retail spend for our district, and attract businesses back to the commercial centre," she said.

At today's Council meeting, Councillors also resolved to pursue the development of lane connections; wider cycle network connections in the CBD; a delayed design for Baring Square East so that it can be integrated with the design of the new civic building and library; and engaging an arborist to assess the condition and lifespan of trees in the CBD.

Public consultation on the proposed changes will start on 21 May, following the end of consultation on the Council's Long Term Plan. Prior to that, the Council will consult with property owners and their tenants in the study area.

After considering all public feedback, the Council will make the final decisions on the revitalisation project at its 9 August meeting. The project is proposed to then be implemented in stages over about five years.​

Further details about the town revitalisation project are available from our website​.

Page reviewed: 21 May 2018 8:46am