Council to proceed with detailed design of remedial work to the Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre building

29/11/2018 5:00 p.m.

The Ashburton District Council has today agreed to begin undertaking a detailed design of the remedial work required on the Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre building, addressing issues relating to the engineering and structural design of the building.

Council became aware of intermittent water leakage issues at the building during some extreme weather conditions since the building became fully occupied. Specifically, extensive building investigations have identified issues related to weather tightness and thermal bridging.  It has also been determined that the air conditioning system is not working to Council’s expectations.

Due to the nature of the issues discovered, Council determined that expert advice was required and commissioned Prendos New Zealand to undertake a full investigation of the issues. The investigations identified three areas of concern being: technical issues and design; water ingress and finishing issues; and mechanical services relating to the air conditioning and heating system.

Council today considered three proposed options to prepare a design, which included doing nothing, a partial remediation, or a full remediation. The Council approved a budget of $65,000 for a full remediation detailed design to address all known issues and enable the building to meet the required operating specifications.

To date, Council has taken additional steps to ensure the protection of all Ashburton Art Gallery and Museum assets. Precautionary measures include the regular monitoring of temperature and moisture readings throughout the building, and the temporary installation of dehumidifier systems, where needed, to maintain appropriate levels of climate control.

“The Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre plays an important role in our community,” expressed Mayor Donna Favel. “Moving forward with a full remediation design will enable Council to provide a building that will meet the needs of the Ashburton Art Gallery, Museum,  Family History and the people of the Ashburton District” she said.​

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