Council to Hold Referendum on Winchmore Water Supply


Residents on the Winchmore Water Supply will have their say on the future of the scheme through a binding referendum.

The referendum is part of the process required to close a small community water scheme. The proposal to close the scheme was initiated by a request from residents served by the scheme.

Council Assets Manager Andrew Guthrie says residents on the scheme will be sent voting documents by Council in July to ensure their views on the Winchmore water supply closure are considered.

"Residents who own a property connected to the Winchmore water scheme but live elsewhere can also vote but must enrol as a non-resident ratepayer," he said.

If 75% or more of votes cast are in favour of the closure, the Winchmore water supply will cease to operate from noon, 14 November this year.

Mr Guthrie says before commencing the process, Council sought to find out the level of support for the proposal from all scheme ratepayers.

"If the scheme is closed, current users will have to find alternative water supplies," said Mr Guthrie.

"We understand that a majority of users on the scheme already have an alternative to the water scheme or are able to find alternatives," he said.

"Council is keen to ensure that residents on the Winchmore water supply have the opportunity to share their views on whether or not the water supply is closed," he said.

The referendum will be held in August and those eligible to vote are encouraged to check that they are on the roll.

The roll will be available for inspection at the Ashburton District Council Offices and at the Ashburton Public Library from Wednesday 21 May until 4pm, Wednesday 18 June.

The results of the referendum will be announced on 20 August this year.

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Page reviewed: 21 May 2014 10:55am