Council removes boil water advisory for north-east Ashburton private wells


The Ashburton District Council has today removed the boil water advisory in place for residents with private bore water connections in the north-east area of Ashburton, however people are urged to continue testing their private wells to ensure the water is safe to consume.

The Council issued a boil water advisory for residents with private wells on 24 October, after an Environment Canterbury report indicated high levels of microbial contamination in some monitoring bores in the area.

The advisory was issued for properties and lifestyle blocks on the outskirts of Ashburton, towards the Ashburton Airport where some residents rely on private wells for their drinking water. The advisory did not apply to residents connected to a Council-supplied water scheme.

Council Environmental Services Group Manager, Jane Donaldson says although the boil water advisory is no longer in place, it's important that all residents regularly test their private bore drinking water.

"The Council has been liaising with Environment Canterbury and Community and Public Health, and we are satisfied that the direction to boil water is no longer required. Our priority has been to alert the community to potential health risks so that no one becomes sick.

"Moving forward, we are reminding all residents across the district who rely on private wells for their drinking water to test them regularly, as is their responsibility. Testing is the only way to know what is in the water and whether it is safe to drink."

Tests for E.coli should be done at least four times a year and once annually for nitrates.​​​

Page reviewed: 18 Dec 2019 1:41pm