Council on track with stock water targets

3/11/2016 4:00 p.m.

Ashburton District Council has successfully reduced its stock water takes from the Ashburton River, seven years ahead of the proposed target.

Under the Ashburton Zone Implementation Programme (ZIP), Council has been tasked to reduce stock water takes out of the Ashburton River from 5355 litres per second down to 2900 litres per second by July 2023. Council has been operating below this target since February 2015.

Council Assets Manager Andrew Guthrie says the results are very promising and is pleased with Council’s progress.

“Council has worked hard to achieve these results in such a short time. We are very committed to meeting targets under the ZIP, and it is rewarding to see these goals reached.”

Mr Guthrie says the gradual closure of stock water races, changing farm practices and dry Mid-Canterbury seasons have all affected water takes from the Ashburton River.

“Ashburton District has been experiencing a number of changes relating to water use, as well as lower than average rainfall. Although people have cut back on how much water they take during a dry season, our data suggests we would continue to meet our 2900 litre per second target even with wetter seasons, which is very reassuring.”

The Ashburton Zone Implementation Programme sets out a number of objectives targeting sustainable water management goals, as part of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy. Council works as part of the Ashburton Zone Committee to achieve the targets set out in the ZIP.

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