Council moves to improve safety into EA Networks Centre café

22/02/2018 12:00 a.m.

Ashburton District Council has today voted to address the height of the step into the Eat Café at the EA Networks Centre, due to health and safety concerns.

The step from the footpath in front of the EA Networks Centre into the café is 150mm high, and Council made a decision today to address this tripping hazard for the safety of patrons.

"The doorway directly into the café was a late addition during the construction of the EA Networks Centre and has been useful for encouraging increased patronage. However, the step is simply too high for people to safety get in and out so we are putting measures in place to decrease the size of the step and keep the doorway accessible," the Finance and Business Support Chairman, Deputy Mayor Neil Brown said.

Aside from the direct front doorway, patrons can also access the café via the EA Networks Centre main entrance and through the doorway into the café on the far eastern side of the centre.​

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