Council meetings will be held off-site until September


Ashburton District Council meetings will be held off-site from next week, while new Council Chambers are readied for use.

The first off-site Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 June at 1.30pm in the Bradford Room, Ashburton Trust Event Centre, 211 Wills Street.

This will be the alternative venue for the majority of scheduled Council and Committee meetings until late September.

Work on a refurbished meeting space, on the top floor of the former County Council building, will begin in about four weeks. The refurbishment will include the removal of false walls from some of the windows and installation of adequate lighting.

Relocating all meetings will allow for conversion of the current Chambers into offices for staff, who are working in the old villa at the rear of the Baring Square East building. This work is underway and is due for completion in mid-July.

Upcoming Council and Committee meeting details are available here.

All meetings are open to the public (unless specified) and residents are welcome to attend.

Page reviewed: 01 Jul 2015 10:59am