Council investigating asbestos dumping

12/03/2018 12:00 a.m.

People with any information on rubbish being illegally dumped at an old gravel pit on McCrorys Road near Pendarves are being encouraged to contact the Council, after a significant amount of rubbish – including asbestos was discovered at the pit last week.

Ashburton District Council is now investigating the illegal rubbish dumping, and is asking anyone with information on the matter to get in touch.

"The gravel pit has unfortunately been paid a number of visits from people illegally disposing of their rubbish over the years, but this is the first time asbestos has been left there. Naturally, the costs in removing asbestos are much higher than other forms of waste and this places an even more unfair burden on ratepayers," Council Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin says.

"It is illegal to dump rubbish on our reserves and we are particularly disappointed that one or more people are using the gravel pit as a dumping site, and even more so that they have also recklessly endangered other people by leaving asbestos there.

"We are taking this matter very seriously, and will pursue action against anyone caught dumping rubbish in public places and on our reserves," Mr Goodwin adds.

Household waste, building materials and other foul waste were also found amongst the rubbish at the gravel pit. The McCrorys Road site is an old excavated pit that Council used to source gravel for projects around the district.​

Anyone with information on rubbish dumped at the McCrorys Road gravel pit or in other public places in the district can contact Council on 03 307 7700 or email

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